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WT4IX - Radio Scouting

Troop 49 embarked upon a journey through the ether with the Radio Merit Badge class in which 6 Scouts earned the merit badge. Of that number 4 (Marcus, Colby, Paul, and Andrew) went on to complete the requirements for the amateur radio license and were assigned their call signs. That was several years ago and the troop now has turned out many youth and adult radio operators.

On October 20, 2001 Troop 49 participated in the "Jamboree On The Air" (JOTA) event that was conducted around the world. The station was set up in the field by Back Creek Presbyterian Church. Contacts were made with several parts of the U.S. and other countries. 


Every October since, Troop 49, through the leadership of Tim O'Rouke has sponsored Mecklenburg County Council's "Jamboree On The Air" (JOTA).  


A good resource for information concerning the JOTA can be found at the ARRL JOTA site.


Listed below are the active adult call signs in the troop. We will not list the Scout call signs due to privacy and safety issues.

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